CQB Shotgun

This course builds on our Tactical shotgun course and will teach the student how to deal with close quarter shooting. You will learn rapid deployment techniques including speed loads and tactical movement. The course will cover principles and drills designed to improve your skills in close quarter gunfighting.

Duration: 2 Days


  • Tactical capable shotgun. 12 gauge suggested
  • Centerfire Handgun in a minimum defensive caliber of .38 or larger
  • 500 rounds of shotgun ammunition minimum. Factory ammunition only
  • 200 rounds of handgun ammunition. Factory ammunition only.
  • Side saddle
  • Spare ammunition pouches, carrier, or magazine holster
  • Quality holster and magazine carriers
  • Quality belt
  • Sling
  • Ear and wrap around eye protection
  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Cap with a brim
  • Rugged shoes or boots

Optional Items

  • Knee/elbow pads, etc.
  • Quality (SureFire-type) flashlight (if required by the course)



  • Defensive shotgun or similar course