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Barbarians in skinny jeans at the gate

In the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack, the left has once again begun to howl for more gun control.  This version has been labeled as “Common Sense Gun Control.”  Credit must be given to the PR department behind the left’s play against the second amendment. The labeling of their efforts as “common sense” appeals to those who may be in the middle ground on guns.  The “middle ground” are those not truly committed to either side of this issue.  Generally because they have no experience with guns nor are they leftist zealots.  Major players in the pro 2A circles can learn from this.

The point however is not to discuss marketing but rather to explore why the left is so anti-gun. I would ask your indulgence as I share what I believe to be the root of the anti-gun ideology.  To understand it we must see it as two separate layers.  The outer and most visible layer is one of government idolatry. The left has a committed belief that the government is the source of solutions to not only economic and world issues, but to their personal issues as well.  How many people openly admitted that they sincerely believed President Obama was going to pay their bills once he got elected? Why would they not believe a President who claimed his election would lower the sea levels?  These same people walk in thoughtless lock step as the calls for more laws go out.  A majority of these people do not own firearms nor do they have any concept of existing gun laws. To listen to the openly lying or ignorant democratic politicians you would be lead to believe you could run to the local market and grab a gallon of milk along with an AK47.  Their claims of “loop holes” trotted out with astronomically twisted “gun violence” data would make even the best con man blush.  At times we question if they really believe what they are spouting? While I am cynical it is sometimes difficult to say.  The fact that someone made it to Washington is no measure of their intellectual prowess.  From Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) who thought that Guam might capsize because of the presence of too many Marines, to Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) who believes the constitution is 400 years old, the hallowed halls of our capital are filled with pseudo intellectuals. Even with this, most Democrats cling to their leaders and their “Central Government” beliefs.  Karl Marx would be proud.

Debate on the topic is difficult because it comes down to logic versus emotion.  Anti-gun politicians claim they want more control of guns because it will make us safer.  This argument falls flat the minute facts are involved.  They dismiss facts that show how crime has diminished where concealed carry is allowed, yet flourishes in Democrat stronghold cities where gun control is almost draconian.  Facts be damned because it is all about a political opportunity and power.  The anti-gun cult is simply not honest about what they really want which is the confiscation of all privately owned firearms.  Have no doubt that this is their end game.  Their methods will be long term and relentless.  They will nibble at the edges of the Second Amendment until nothing remains.  It begins with restricting magazines followed by taxes on ammunition and so on.  Soon any “military” weapon will be illegal and finally a total registration and licensing of firearms.  Do not doubt the possibility because this model already exists in many states.

While the useful congressional jesters may not have the intellectual gravitas to manage the anti-gun movement, the Democrat senior leadership does.  Barak Obama is lying when he claims he is not “coming after your guns.”  He openly swains over the Australian Gun Plan and given the opportunity he would grab every gun in the country. On what grounds should we trust a word that falls from his mouth?  Dana Loesch put it best when she wrote, “I don’t trust the word of a guy who launched his campaign in the living room of a terrorist to judge innocent Americans on a watch list.”   Sharing the award for political deceit is Hillary Clinton.  She is queen of the anti-gun cult.  At a time when we have a dedicated pseudo state of Islamic terrorists openly calling for our deaths, Hillary Clinton has promised war with…the NRA. These lying leaders are enabled however by people that claim to be “on our side.”  When I contacted Senator McCain’s office last year regarding his stance on greater gun control, his response was that he would be open to “common sense” additions to gun control.  This is typical of long serving politicians who measure every issue in regards to its impact on their reelection.

There is an even deeper seeded issue though.  One that is at the core of who liberals are.  I believe the average individual gun owner exposes something missing in liberals; inner strength and self-reliance.  The self-reliance and courage demonstrated by strong people, specifically gun owners, only shines a light on liberals’ shortcomings – and it is an unwelcomed light.  Liberals are quick to attack anything that might bring into question their weakness or morality.   They rally against strong figures of power that may “judge” them.  They hurl names and libel their opponents in an attempt to muzzle dissention.  Choking speech of the opposition is a common thread.  An example of this was the stunning statement by the Attorney General of the United States regarding “hate speech” against Muslims.  The ultimate goal is the neutering of society.  If you diminish the presence of strong alpha males and females, then liberals would no longer be reminded of just how weak they are.  This is seen in every corner of their ideology; from absurd “no-tolerance” policies in public schools to college students demanding “safe spaces.”  Their internal weakness is on display in every demand they make.  It is a lowering of standards to accommodate weak people obsessed with “fairness.”  It is difficult to argue with an adult clinging to the emotional maturity of a five year old.

There are things we can do.  They require heavy lifting though and only through a concerted effort will we prevail.  It is time for Second Amendment proponents to come off of defense and start playing offense. This begins in the voting booth.  Not just in our major political battles, but at every level of government all the way down to cities and towns.  We MUST become engaged in vetting the people we put in any office.  The quiet city councilman that gets elected to small town, USA may someday run for state government.  After a short time there, they will begin to look at federal office. Once in Congress they could be another Chuck Shumer or Barak Obama.  We have an opportunity to launch a grassroots movement to insure that ALL people elected to any office respects the Second Amendment with no caveats. Attend meetings with candidates and ask them direct questions.  Be polite, but don’t mince words.  Know who you are voting for and more importantly, share that information.

The next and equally important thing we can do is be the best representatives of the gun owning community we can.  Be courteous and polite and avoid F-bomb littered tirades against the anti-gun crowd.  You may feel better but you have gained no ground.  Open carry advocate?  Stop it.  You are not accomplishing anything other than being controversial and scaring a bunch of people that don’t know anything about guns.  I appreciate your desire to move our cause forward, but you only cause more trouble than it is worth.  One of the most profound things we can do is to take a friend shooting.  We must expand the number of people that have safe and enjoyable experiences with firearms.  There is an entire generation in some states that have no firearm experiences at all.  They were born into an anti-gun state, grew up without guns around and as adults see anything other than that as odd. This puts a heavy burden on gun owners in heavily anti-gun states, but it is a burden that must be carried if our cause is to move forward. Every person you win over because they had a good experience is one less mindless sheep voting for gun control.  Have no doubt.  The Second Amendment is under assault.  It is being attacked by liberals and aided by conservatives looking to score political points.  Now is the time for us to stand and reclaim our rights.  Rights that are etched into the constitution and slowly eroded by nefarious politicians.  It is time we re-engage in the process and save one of the greatest rights we enjoy as Americans.  We stand here…and we stand now.

Until I see on the range or in class – Stay safe and stay in the fight!


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