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Force Options is a professional organization committed to providing cutting edge training to the men and women that live at the tip of the spear. Our programs are run by seasoned, trained professionals and masters in their field. Our programs are diverse and complete. In addition to our standard curriculum, we have the capacity to design a training program to fit your unique needs. All Force Option instructors are members of the Tactical Applications Association. There are only a few private companies in the world that possess the experience, mindset, and qualifications to present effective training in the areas we do. Force Options holds a premier position in this group. We consider our capabilities in certain areas to be "Close Hold" and therefore, we do not speak publicly about them. If you or your organization has a training, CT, or high risk security need, please feel free to contact us for a discreet personal consultation.


Updates From My Desk

Dressing or Living as a Warrior?

Over the years I have seen an interesting division in those who train both with weapons and in open hand.  It is a subtle division that can only be seen by those who look at more than the ability to run a gun or strike with power.  It is far more than physical prowess or technical knowledge.  It is the presence of a warrior spirit.  The attendance in a captain Navy SEAL commando ninja downrange prep class will not open the door to this elite club.  This club is populated by those who understand that being a warrior is far more than just the tools they train with or carry.  Its' patch is an obvious intestinal fortitude that seeps out to those around them. No certificates, no medals just a presence. 

A warrior can be anyone you come across on the street.  An old man who walks with a small limp but whose eyes are like steel against a bright sun.  A teenage girl whose refusal to be part of the " in crowd" is more than a social statement.  There is no special training or certification.  There is simply choice.

The choice is in how we live our lives.  Do we just go through the motions or do we accept that to be more, we need to do the heavy lifting.  We need to make the hard choices and know that sometimes the shortest route is not the best route.  It is embracing a sincere humility and respect for others.  The best way this was ever described to me is brilliant.  "Treat everyone you come across as a bad ass...then there will be no surprises".  The petty often gather with their own kind to disparage those outside of their club.  Social media is rampant with this.  A warrior strives to take the high ground on all things.  It is difficult but part of the price.

So the question is simple.  Are you dressing as a warrior or living as a warrior?  We know that the lifestyle is not suited to everyone, nor should it be.  It is a difficult path and should only be followed by those who have the capacity to understand what "being more" means.  I encourage you to look at people in your life.  Look long and hard and soon you will begin to see those who are "different". 

Consider this merely the penning of my observations.  Not a call or challenge.  Just a few thoughts on what I see and presented as food for thought.

Until we meet on the range or in the classroom; stay safe and Stay in the Fight!

-Fred Mastison